Idle Miner Tycoon App revisa

Idle Minor

Loving this game so far, it’s Very addictive!

Idle miner

But it would be cool if we start off with money like maybe $1000

Amazing, fun, spectacular.

This game is so much fun! I was playing Looper and found the app. I played the demo version and it was fun. But actually playing is so much more. For those who are reading this, I recommend buying it!


This app is amazing no ads no nothin’ good game Miner


Very addicting game!

It is fun

What I like about this game is that when you are away your miners will still work👌🤘🤟🤙🤘👱🏻‍♀️✌️👍❤️😀😃😄😁😆😊☺️😇🙂🙃🤗👍👌🤙🤘🤟


This game is great but one thing is weird!the game five nights at Freddy’s give me nightmares,and when I play this game it makes it seem like I never even knew what five nights at freadys is! Like it makes me forget!apart from that great game, and also way to hard I’ve whated for 6 months with coal and gold mine and I still don’t have enough money to get ruby mine! Like it is crazy.and I found bug.when ever I use boost my game freezes for 10 seconds and says boost is over when I did not earn xtra money like dude really and that is every single time I use boost! 1 month later... now boost are working after the update!😀😀


Amazing it is very soothing and I love it sooo much xoxo xoxo isn’t it amazing

Can’t load.

I played this game for over a year. I get a new phone and now it won’t load. It shows my account and what I’ve done as one of my friends but I can’t load it. Will make 5 stars if can fix that

Not fun..

So a while ago, I was playing a game when I got a demo for this game.. I downloaded it and all was fine. But I really only came to check and collect my money. That’s not what a game is for. It’s not even fun. All you do is run a business.. But I will say, getting rid of all your money at once is pretty satisfying. :}

Amazing Game!!

I’ve been playing this game none stop, and I love everything about it! I rarely write reviews but this game is so addicting it deserves every bit of 5 stars! Overall this game is very good at passing time so I personally recommend this game to anyone that is bored at school or work!


Very fun app! I love it so much and it is so great if you’re excruciatingly bored!


Guess it’s ok

Not sure

I started this game 3 days ago. I don’t know what the point is? All I see is a guy going up and down collecting money. I’ve done the expedition challenge, other than that and boosts, I don’t understand the point. Is there more to it or should I quit now?


Really Really

When your at the coal mine



I love this game and new things pop up all the time! Just fun !!!!

Best off road game

In my opinion this is the best off road game ever even-if your bored on the road or on the plane i would recommend this game to friends family and even to a teacher and adult thumbs up for me and 5 star rating the best game

Idle fun

Addictive and mindless, keeps me occupied when I don’t want to think. Enjoyable nonetheless


Twice now I have had an expedition replaced in the middle of the expedition. The first time was an “Epic” level expedition replaced with a “Common” level one. Just now the same has happened with a “Legendary” expedition being replaced with a “Common” expedition. Not sure what kind of bug this is, but it’s rather annoying.

Big fun

Like this better than most mind numbing games. Like simultaneous levels


Definitely a fun way to kill time!


I think EVERYONE in the world has seen the ads most people would’ve downloaded it after playing the mini game, but others just click the x if you’re one of those who hates ads, well I do too. I’ve seen this ad about 10-11x or more but if you do download this game after the mini game then you know it’s addicting and I love it


I’ve been playing idle miner for a month now it’s been a fun game. But recently there has been an update and for some reason a different account is on my phone! I went to get a new expedition but instead of my display name, another name was there and also the account had WAY more money than my old one. I really want my account back :(. Please help

Having problems

How do I go back to my first mine?

Idle miners tycoon

Mate this game really puts your head to think it’s so good


Hey I’m going out to dinner tonight and then I’ll come get your car tomorrow and I can pick up my truck I will get you the key to your garage

This is awesome

It is the coolest game ever


Boring after a while but good

Sooooo mannnyyyy coiiiins!!!!

I love how it’s SO easy to start and make money!!👍👌

Crashes frequently

Enjoy the game but last two updates are highly crash-prone. When attempting to activate managers in my mines, I can go through 3 mines before the app locks and crashes back to my home screen.

Best game !!!!!

I love the game! There is nothing wrong with it! Sooooooooo Fun!!!!!!!!

Please add. Awesome game.

I have no problems with this game. But one thing I’d like to see added that would make me have a five star rating is a way to upgrade all miners at the same amount at the same time. What I mean by this is if I’m in the coal mine. And I want to upgrade every single miner in that coal mine 50 times. I would like there to be a button at the top to click then set the meter to 50 and I had enough money press upgrade. It take time to go through and upgrade everyone and i dont know why but I really like my miners to all be the same level.

New update broken

The newest update broke my game I can’t join my family in their mines any more will stay a one star till they fix it so angry considering all the hours I have spent playing this game...grrrr


I get the ads, but after unlocking the starting island, ice island, and fire island there should be a collective ‘boost’ button to do all three at once, instead of three different island boosts. Also, you’ve made it even harder to get the Super Managers by increasing their costs while also lowering the ability to finish the gem mines quickly. Make the game fun and not a money grab. Please!

Started out enjoyable

...but now I’ve reached a point where I can’t seem to profess. I’ve opened up some of the mines on the first island, but it takes forever to make any money to expand. I could leave the game running for a month and still not have enough to open up any more mines. And with the latest update, you can supposedly open up more mines on the mainland. Unfortunately, that’s pretty unattainable. So I’m at a point where I can’t do anything except maybe let the game play on it’s own for a year and maybe collect enough to open a new mine. Or spend real $$ to “speed up” progress. And what the heck is ice cash? You added new main land mines, but now you need some other type of cash to get them? What’s with all these different types of cash!? (Idle Cash (which apparently does nothing but sit there idly doing nothing), cash, super cash, gems, and now ice cash?!). WTH?! So I guess I’ve reached the end of playability.


So addicting but still fun

Infinitely Fun!

The game is so well-made & has so many areas to play & improve on that you will literally never want to stop playing! I also love the option given to Prestige; Giving you even more opportunity to sink some serious time into this SUPER FUN app. 5/5 Stars • 👍👍⬆️ • 100% Recommend • ❤️

The kick

This game is good but when ever I want to go on the game it kicks me out I don't know if it's the game or my phone or the storage I just don't know but fix this kicking problem if it is the problem then u guys can get more stars thx

Best game ever

I have only been playing for a day and I’m already at the obsidian mine so far one af my favorite games I truely recommend it

Bad update!

The latest update removed all 20 of my friends and won’t let me add new ones.

What the game really needs

Easier events. I work and play when I’m off and it’s IMPOSSIBLE to complete the mine without using boosts. Plus the rewards aren’t even that much. They focus more on you buying boosts. Over all it’s a fun game. They just need to give more back to the players and make easier events..

Pretty fun

I came across this game as an Ad in another game. Figured why not. This little time waster is pretty fun to my surprise. I have managed to open all 3 continents and each of the 5 different mines on them. Got the first 4 on each prestiged to at least lv1. All in about a week of playing. Now to open all the mine shafts. The event mines come around often enough to keep my interest. Same concept just different artwork and they are a reward based mine that you can use in your “main” mines. All in all it’s pretty fun and keeps me entertained when I’m at work or in a waiting room at an appointment.

Love it!


Not a bad time burner

So far, just for burning the clock, this game isn’t bad. It’s definitely not a challenge to the mind, but it is still fun if you’re looking to kill some time. I like it!

They screwed it up

It was a pretty good game that had potential. But now they have made it to where your device goes sleep after a minute and a half. And with this game that just does not work. Not going to touch the screen What’s a minute just so my device does not go to sleep. With this change I do not recommend downloading this game!

Best game

This game is a must buy for financially satisfied people.

Fun but constant problems

It’s fun and addictive but the bonus videos frequently do not play or lock up the app. If you don’t mind being unable to boost your mine from time to time it’s a whole lot of fun. Update: on day 2 of the event no vids worked at. Same one plays but I never get the bonus. Stopped my progress. I emailed you but as you won’t get this until the events over... spent money too. Very uncool.

It’s awesome

Hi my name is Matthew I love this game I’ll I’m upgrading like crazy I love the manager powers where you can like where they boost your speed and use them lining and stuff that is awesome I love this game so much thank you for making it I also hope you can make it some other type of upgrade to that or I mean update to the game or another game of this


Forcing you to spend real cash

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