Idle Miner Tycoon App revisa

Very fun game

Very fun and fast paste I’m looking forward tot the next time I see him he really rocked my world ps my roomate got me hooked somebody help me I can’t stop



Great game


Fun but....

This game is really fun. I’ve had it for a few days now and I’ve noticed that when I’m not on the game and I open the app it gives me cash and then doubles it but it has an option for me to double that with a video. So I watch the video but sometimes I get no cash😔. It’s really irritating especially when I look forward to collecting it or getting to watch the video to double it and I don’t get any of it. I’m trying to reach other mines out there and every penny counts. And when I don’t get anything it’s like my mine isn’t going anywhere. I’m always constantly having to make that money up. Please fix this!!!!

great game

I love this game I have ban playing for one day but it can get a little boring after a while

To person who made the game

Your game has s so cool but you should make another one like it but make the managers pay for the shafts and the levels


This game is amazing jdheheyehevgsbdbdhbdd


I love it. It is so good Your player Caleb fettig


It has a felling as though your running a business. I absolutely LOVE the game!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


This game is the best game because it’s so relaxing.i rated it 5stars because I told you IT IS THE BEST GAME EVER.and you guys who made the money prices for the new mines are the perfect prices too. And once again ITS THE BEST GAME EVER. Thx


So fun and easy to earn money!!!


Игра крутая) Только с делайте онлайн, я вам даю идею. Пусть будет карта и у нас были золото добувальни машины и мы на скорость добываем золото


I LOOOOOOOOOVE how fast the game is it is a GREAT time killer and I just loooooooove seeing shiny diamonds and coins. INSTALL THIS GAME IF YOU DIDN'T INSTALL IT YET!!! :D

Good game

Good game

Great game

I like to upgrade when I get the cash. I really like someone else working hard and just watching


Totally great game for all children.

Why I had a four out of five star

All that I would like for the game to just let you press which mine shaft you want to go to.

Idle miner tycoon

I love it I am new at it but it is still is fun I have 11 things


This game is fun and FUN!


I have only played this game for 3 minutes and I already love it I can’t stop playing I may even stay up playing this it’s so fun

It's okay

It's a really fun game but after awhile it gets boring 😪😪😪

Great game

I have a future reference for an update... you should add some more mines... and you guys should come out with like a set for example a Christmas skins for every miner and elevated guy and mine cart pusher. You should make the toxic or radio active mine a mine that is not an event like a permanent mine.

Clearly the best game ever

Best game ever 👌🏽


I think you should take away the thing where after the time on the barrier is finished you still have to buy it


This game... its AMAZING a little slow at first but...that’s technically how all games like this start out so IT’S AWESOME

c’est très bien


This game is awesome😃🎉

This game is a great way to pass the time and it’s very fun to see how much money you got while you were not there.

So cool and fun

People who don’t have this game you have to get it I have played for two days and I love it man get this game please you are going to be glad you got it

At some point it become boring

I am doing really good but dont like to spend real money on buying features. And at some point, due to slow earnings, game become boring and cannot go to other mining since its gonna take at-least 15 days to buy other mining coal.


Its gud


I have not gotten the game yet but people say it is fun but glitches.

Fun game but poor reliability

Game crashes frequently : customer service is nice but never able to actually address your issue with anything other than “ sorry”. Not sure they even read my messages based on the responses.


I usually don’t do this but this is an awesome app, it entertains me a LOT and this is just a awesome app 😍😜😁


While this is a simple game I do find it entertaining and keeps my mind busy when I have nothing else to do.

Best game for passing time

I love this game keep these games up


This game is pretty good I like it a lot I HAVE A TOE NAIL Anyways lets get to de point MY FOOT SMELLS LIKE RUBBER

Wish I could rate it 10 stars

It is an amazing game and a great way to pass time I absolutely love it


Played for a few days, but deleted it. The game is kind of fun at first, but you quickly realize how repetitive and boring it is. You don’t have to spend real money, which is nice, but you’ll watch a lot of ads to help you advance. If doing the same thing over and over is fun for you, then you’ll enjoy it. If simply changing the color of what you’re mining and increasing the prices does nothing for you, then don’t bother.

Ldle miner

Best game ever 👍🏻❤️❤️


This app is fun and it’s very addictive. I have been playing all day since I got home from the hospital after breaking my ankle. I’m watching tv while playing and it’s fun and so is MergePlanes get both if you wanna have fun

Rich Like Wayne

This game is pure heat...make some good updates too to make it more fun

Thank for your app

Your game is perfect the best idle game the best!!!!


Pls add pets and if you can let me be the first to try it


I just love the game it’s so cut


Ahh I love it! It’s just- it’s just so SATISFYING! You may say all those hating comments but this is a real game of a real satisfying relaxing enjoyable environment GAME! No lie my brotha! I LOVE IT!



Idle miner

This game “Idle Miner” is pretty good & Fun BUT this game is very hard and I would like some newer updates for everything won’t cost as much!

Good game but....

First I wanna say that I do like the game and play it every day. But that’s just because I want to get my daily reward. But that’s not the problem here. The problem is the timings. Once, I got a notification that an event mine was live now but then when I went to the game, it said there were 5 hours left! This has happened more than once. And secondly, this bugs me even more, the expeditions. I just chose an epic expedition that said that I had to wait 24 hours. It’s been two days and it says 23 hours and a few minutes. I hate this glitch. It’s been more than a week and my expedition ( which was supposed to last 24 hours) still hasn’t finished! And the even mine?? Nothing. I’ve gotten like 3 notifications all of them saying “6 hours until event mike is finished!” “Event mine is live now” NO IT ISNT. I really dislike this game because of these two problems. If you read this and can do something about it in your next update, I would be very grateful and I’m sure I would start loving the game again. It’s a clever idea, with good animation, fun colours and goals, but than the even mine and expedition problems just take it all away. It’s like a stack of beautiful and delicious pancakes with a burnt one stuck to them all! Or maybe a cement road that’s drying and is completely smooth, until someone just walks all over it! So pls fix this mistake and I’ll make sure to recommend this game to all my friends, sure they’ll enjoy it too. So that’s all for my review I hope you read all of it and I gotta go! Peace ✌️

Idle Miner

I Never Thought This Game Would Be Actually Fun, I Always Saw The Game’s Ad all the time and I just skipped over it. Until, one day, I downloaded the game and played it, then I realized how much fun it was!

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