Idle Miner Tycoon App Reviews

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Best idle mining game ever

This I would say is the best idle mining game out of all the rest starts off slow but starts to get faster with every mine u get

Good game

Good game but it is sort of slow and there is not much point to it

Game lover

I love this game I somewhat learn how to manage money in the real world. But I’ve noticed that it’ll say on expeditions that you have a huge instant cash item for example 1h but there isn’t any cash item.

Minnnnneeerrrrr is da best game ever

I started this game because it looked pretty good and once I started playing it I was addicted to it I don’t get addicted to just anything but I play this thing every day so it’s awesome.

Great childhood game

Love this game it’s kinda like tycoon lemonade stands mixed in with drilling games I played a ton on of drilling this drilling game when I was younger and these too together have been very fun 👍👍😊


I'm hooked!


Really addictive, and Really fun! But the only bad thing is... Nothing, Because it’s that fun!!!


I recommend getting this game I have 52 ab

super fun!

awesome game!

More Mines

Enjoy playing. Thanks for fixing my ad issue. Will there be more “Mainland” mines. Working on earning my last Super Manager! More updates! Enjoying the new store and the good features! Keep up the great work! Thanks,


Soooooooooœöõooooo cool




I LOVE THIS GAME!!!! Literally my favorite game on my phone! I’m addicted and I can’t stop playing!!!!


Add super super manegers [has all the super maneger affects ] exutive chests 100% legendary 15%super super maneger. I have more request I just don’t wanna tell you right now. Brady

Idle Miners

A really good game to play

Pretty solid!

Keeps me engaged and occupied to pass the time.

Tj’s review

I love it it’s so addictive

Pretty lit fam

I like it


I really like this game


I like is addictive

Very good😁

The game is very entertaining and fun. You get addicted to it very easily. Great game!!!!❤️

The game of coins

The best game I love mining my name is Brandon nateras

I really liked the game

I've had this game for awhile and I honestly like it's simplicity but after the last update I haven't been able to open a new mine shaft in weeks. Before in a couple of days you could open at least one. I guess the game has ran it's course time to delete.

Was amazing and then...

So I used to love to play. This was my favorite game until they slowed the game down to a snails pace. When I say that I mean upgrading costs, the game cash you get, everything takes way longer. Even the progress I made was decreased at least 24x. A lot of players have noticed it. Hopefully it gets fixed because I missed the last two events not wanting to waste my time.

I’m so sad.

So my phone rebooted itself. And I lost 95% of my progress.. I had to restart from the beginning mine on shaft ten and I had about 18 and on the gold mine I have about 20 shafts.. I lost all of my gold mine. All of my event badges. And I had it synced with Facebook so you’d think my progress would come back when I logged back in...


Kool game

Neat but crashes

A good time killer while taking a dump but crashes almost as much as my poop does through the water


I can seriously sit here and play this game all day


I love this game soooo much and it is my best game I totally recommend getting this game.


I know this game says four and up but it’s so much fun!!! I almost always find something wrong about any game but this one I can’t. You start out as a small mining place but then it’s grows quickly. This is my third day and I’m on shaft 12!!!!!! You will love this day


If you are looking for an easy to understand idle game then this is the one for you! The developers are constantly asking and listening to the players and have fun themed events (2 events based on word cup recently). I have played for about 3 months now and that is the longest I have ever played an idle game without getting bored. Try it out, you will love it!

Awesome game!!

Best game ever!!! Fast learning! Great way to learn to manage. Easy game. Great for entertainment.


This game is SOOO addicting I love it

All My Super Cash Disappeared!

Just like the title said, all my hard earned super cash disappeared. I would give it a Zero star rating if I could. The game is trash and should be deleted.

You need a update

Please make a update for being able to give super cash and cash to your friends

Idle Miner

I rlly like/love this game

Super fun!

I love this game. It allows you to play at varying levels of intensity, so when I’m not in the mood for a stressful fast paced game it’s fun to play, or if I want to play more aggressively there are components to the game that allow me to micromanage my managers so to speak. I’ve been playing for a few weeks now and unlike other games I haven’t really found any bugs. though the videos have glitched out a couple of times. I hope to see more games in the future from the fluffy team.

Really good and fun

Really good best game I’ve ever played hope for more updates

Lovin’ it

I have been playing this game for 2 days and I am already addicted to it I like it how you get more miners every time , it really helps to get more gold and cash

Ok you got 4 stars

Got that ok its okay once you finish its boring

Best game yet 😄😄😄😄

Love this game so much


So I was going to play every day but now I gotta do Facebook So it’s really annoying and I been playing for 4 weeks I would invite friends BUT only way is to do face book. There are kids that play so why would you do it. Kids can’t invite there friends and family. Can you fix that so kids can’ invite there family and there friends. Please make it so you can text it would make more people play end)


Literally been addicted for weeks

I love the game. I play lots of tycoon games.

But this one is THE BEST


If you have some kind I’d add or anything like that don’t get this game you will be sucked in is supper fast pace you think that it will not take you long to play but that’s a lie it will take a long time get it if you enjoy watching whole season of shows

Ads are horrible

Please fix your ads. Not from other games but miner tycoon ads in other apps. They’re super glitchy and break/freeze my apps.

Add one thing

You should add a feature that we can pay cash for super cash

¿Es aburrido?

Si eres am igual que yo una persona que juega videojuegos y se aburre muy fácil solo déjame decirte que Idle Miner es un juego demasiado adicto te atrapa de una manera entretenida, de solo verlo se me hace un juego aburrido y un poco más de lo mismo pero al iniciar cesión uno se divierte e invierte tiempo sin darte cuenta... con toda confianza te lo ¡¡RECOMIENDO!!


Loved it

Actually enjoying it

I got this app for my nephew to play, and I got hooked playing with him. Super fun game. Relaxing to me. Gotta be patient to earn money, but it’s fun.

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