Idle Miner Tycoon App Reviews

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Come on

Since the last update, the game only loads to about 60% and then crashes. Was fine before the last update. Would’ve had more stars had this error not occurred.



Good game

It’s fun game to play


To addictive play this is the only game me and my family play MUST GET I HAVE 300000000000000000000000000 other games I never play but I keep them “just Incase” LoL

Best game ever

This game is so cool! I sall it on adds and thought is was boring. But when I played it it's SO COOL!😀




One word : AMAZING!! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Crash after Crash after Crash

I actually think this is a 3 star game but nobody cares to read what you have to say unless it's a 1 or 5. But anyway, at some point over the course of playing, the game will constantly crash. And not just once, but like within EVERY 5 MINUTES. It was very frustrating, but now it's been happening for so long that I'm just the verge of deleting. Y'all got till the next update to get this fixed or I'm gone

Awesome game

I love this game it’s very interesting game to me and keeps me busy until I’ve done what I wanted to do on here, wish there more events tho and more ways to earn more cash for ftp player



App says supermanager

App says super manager live now but i cant hire then it says comming soon, i have updated to the latest version

Love it

I love the addicting game


I’m just here to get money


This game is addicting



Nice Game

I hope you add a diamond mine!


Most addictive (in a good way) app ever I’m hooked

Five stars

Addictive and fun

3.5 stars

Overall very good game but I don’t understand the point of it. I understand you need money and you want to collect it all, but why do you need the money and what are you gonna buy with it? It keeps you busy and amused but I still don’t get the point.

Funny review

Awesome game


10/10 would play again


I’m amazed at how the developers are able to come up with a addictive game

Crashes all the time

This game crashes many times during normal game play and 90% of the time when playing a video.

What happened?

The most recent update ruined my game. Now my mines are no longer generating income. It’s being mined and collected but my total is not going up anymore. Please fix it. Edit: I was able to fix this issue on my own.

Pay To Win

I loved this game up until the event mine came in. You cannot finish the event mine in the allowed time without paying for boosts. I will now be uninstalling and recommend anyone who doesn’t want to mortgage their house for a single event badge to not download this game. It’s a shame really because it has a depth of content unmatched in the clicker/idle genre. But excessive greed is the name of the App Store these days.

Great game

Minus the adds


My game crashes during the tutorial it won't let me play I click the button and it crashes Idk why. Plz help I would give better rating when it gets fixed


I used to play this games for hours and days, but I just can't anymore. Every time you try to get a boost on one of your mines. It constantly crashes. I usually don't post reviews but I was starting to like this games. It didn't do this till I got that new update. Please fix asap.

Bad ads!!!

Don’t get this app it has horrible ADS that are inappropriate!😡😢


It’s really fun to play and do


Great Game!

Cool game

Very good game it is very addicting but it won’t let me enter any events that’s happening I play this game on my phone too and does the same thing

Idle miner tycoon


Permanent events plzzzzz

Make the events perm


This game is probably the most addicting game I've ever played.Definitely a to download game.


This game is awesome

Want it to be a worldwide game

I love it I can be a worldwide game if you can make a new one and i will write more reviews if you follow me on instagram my user name is grayden victory it should be a picture of marshmello the dj I will write more reviews on your game and they will be good make a new idle miner next year


Maybe a button at the top that if u repeatedly press it the carts move fasstter to your warehouse but obviously not that fast just a little but faster eneough to make ppl interact with the game without it getting you ubsurd amounts of progress with it


The problems are that when you get more than one tunnel it just keeps leveling up even though you never get the money from that tunnel because it always stops at the first one to get that money. Not as good as it seems in the add.


When I started playing this game I thought when you friend someone it lets you look at there mines. Please add that PLEASE DO! I hope you answer back with a replie!

Slow for starters but good !

Well, it's slow to get money for starters but addicting and entertaining too kinda. (Lol) !


I LOOOOOOVE this game I play it every day and it’s just so addicting I CANT STOP PLAYING IT my parents are like get off your iPad for a minute and I’m like hold on I haft to collect my money first LOL😂😂😂

Why do they not get second floor?

The first floor only gets picked but the second floor has a lot of money but the guy is not getting it!Please fix it or it’s cause I need a upgrade or a second one

Good game

Fun to kill some time

Great game

I haven't seen any ads, and was surprised that is is actually like the ads said it would be! I'm loving this game and would recommend getting it


Addicting game !!

Best game ever

Idle miner tycoon is a fun and addicting game. That auto collects overnight.

Great pass time game

While I’m at work board I pick this game to pass the time... I love it 👍🏻👍🏻

Fun and doesn't break the bank

This is a great game. It is free and you can actually accomplish a lot of achievements without paying for them. Plus the event mines are fun.

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