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Was fun at first now it’s getting to the point you have to pay to win

I would not recommend downloading this game because they make the game hard so you have to pay extra I don’t mind paying a little bit at the beginning but all the time plus they have so many ads on this game it’s ridiculous anytime you try to do something there’s an ad and they make it so hard to get anything in this game specially the events mines there’s certain Mines that I have to be at a certain level and they make it hard not to get there they can tell you can get all the stuff but it’s not possible because they make it so expensive to get the levels that you need to get them if you want to play play for a while but just remember eventually I’ll start getting hard and harder and harder before you know it you’re not able to play because you can’t get leveled up way I see it play at your own risk


Really cool game rather addicting too

Very fun game and not that many ads

I have had the game for about a week now I can’t stop playing it. When I got the game I thought it was going to be just a ton of ads but there is close to none. Make sure to try it out

Try it

This game is awesome !

Excellent fun

Manage your mine like There Will Be Blood

Addicting but crashes far too frequently

I love this game and play it often but I hate the constant crashing. Earlier I finished an epic expedition and it crashed right as I opened the rewards. I anxiously went back into the game hoping the rewards still registered, but they didn't. So I lost out on 22hrs worth of stuff. This game crashes about twice every hour for me and it's getting to be a bit ridiculous.

The numbers don’t ad up

I let my mines sit for 3 weeks while running a booster for 3 weeks straight and I still wasn’t able to upgrade my mines like I should have. Even if they sit overnight I get robbed. It’s just not fair. Uninstalling!!!

Hey hope you make more of these tipe of games

This was a great game 😘😍😘😍😘☺️☺️☺️☺️😃😃😃😃🤩🤩

Elevator and Warehouse Managers

The game is good. I play it daily. But with the update, when I active the mine managers the elevator and warehouse managers start as well and I don't want them to start. Please fix this with the next update. Thank you for your efforts and for creating the game.

Takes too long to upgrade

Fun tho


The game seems easy but it’s all about strategy. You don’t have to put real money into this game to be successful at it. Difficulty increases as you go.

Idea(Which probably wont be added in game)

I think you should add factories at the top, and make robbers.This game is addictive and interesting, but you need to hook your players(get them to play it more)!You need it to be more fun.I think that having robbers would add some action.Thank you for your time. :)

So addictive

I love to advance my mining Empire



Dis be broken

Ive been playing the game for about 3 weeks and every event i win the d cash item but indont get it fix cause i want the d it says 1 d not ad d im at as area andni sont have so please fix

So addicting! I LOVE it!

So addicting! The event mines are great ways to get things WITHOUT paying! I may only be on the Coal mine still, but this game has me coming back everyday! Also to the creators - You should add a “edit my workers” button that allows you to buy outfits for the managers (I do have the workshop). If I could rate this game any higher than 5 stars, trust me I would! 😍❤️💕😘💖

Idle Miners Tycoon issue

I like the game, but here is what you need to do: update the game because I am experiencing LOTS of lag in my game. Secondly, you should make a new setting: Graphics because graphics can sometimes reduce lag if you lower it


This game is the best ever dude


Kewl beans

Good game.

Good game




This is honestly one of the most boring games ever played in my entire life. I don't recommend playing it. It's not even worth it.


This game is super addicting!!!

It's fun to pay stuff And I like how good it's made

That's why I rate five stars

Idle miner

Awesome game I never want to stop playing its fun from the start❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍🌈

Very good game!

I have been playing this game since yesterday and now I am addicted to this! I like this game a lot

Fun game

Good for passing time


A pleasant way to past the time!!

Bad game

All you do is just watch your phone, there’s no point in actually touching the phone. All the managers do the work, what’s he point?

What is missing

I think u should put like two elevators and so that way can go faster and faster

I love this game

I downloaded this game today and got addicted to it I think it’s the best Mobil game out there

Good game with some major flaws

This is a good game with lots of free play without encountering onerous paywalls. The only caveat is that it’s an energy and processor hog constantly crashing and running slowly which makes gameplay tedious. Moving between mines is very slow and often results in crashing which is strange because the game doesn’t have intense graphics.

The best tycoon!

Never had more fun on any game you guys have to get it!

Thanks for the new stuff but...

I love all the new stuff they have added but I think everything is way to expensive. I have been playing for about 6 months but I have only made 12.5 billion, and all of your stuff goes up to the 12ap. I hope u consider my suggestion on lower the prices of mines and other places.

Great game!

Very addictive

Idle miner

It gets so addicting but so much fun come be addicted with us

Thank you

I was offered this in a ad and it looked fun, I got it and it is so addictive. When I started playing it I was surprised it was free!


At first I thought this game was going to be a kiddy game but then it became more fun and now I am obsessed IIII LLLLLLOOOOOVVVVEEEE IIIIIITTTTT😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love you, but who do you think you are sending 18 notifications all at once that all say I have a new mine shaft available

Best game ever

This game is awesome and is the best ever! I love it so much and play it all day! You sound get it too!


I play this game for few minutes and i like it so much keep going


Why isn’t the elevator collecting coal from mine shafts 7 and 8 ? It’s annoying me 😐 Thanks problem solved 👍🏽

Better idle game by far

I play this game so much, every chance I get I am collecting the income from all the mines

My mine experience

Fun game, frustratingly slow building up to the required $$$ amounts to get anything done. But still fun

Super Fun

Do ever play this at work or school because you won’t be able to stop. Super fun for all ages


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Soo fun

I just got the game and I have been playing it for half an hour now! It’s literally soo much fun


It’s super fun

Fun idle

Fun ideal game. Never forced you to watch ads, all ads come with some sort of bonus, and you don’t have to pay to get stuff to feel like you can make progress in the game.


Say your in the car and your super bored this tycoon cures boredom

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