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Major bug

I put hours into this game to get through as much as possible without spending actual money, but now when I open the app it's just a black screen and it crashes a few seconds later. Is this because the app doesn't support IOS 12 yet? I'm unsure

Amazing!! 😍😍❤️❤️😇😇

This game is so amazing and so easily getting addicted to it! I’ve only been playing for not even an hour, and it’s already so awesome ❤️ 😍 😊


I like this game very much and was thinking you could make a idle miners tycoon 2 If you don’t have this game and are reading it get idle miners tycoon

Love it!!! ... but ready to delete...

Been playing since first released, a long time! My coal mine is generating 687aj/s idle. Incredibly the next upgrade for prestige or the Mainland shards mine is an order of magnitude or greater required... I’ve spent some actual cash on this one, not much but some, and unfortunately it seems to be evolving along the standard “freemium” model... free to play to a certain point, but after that point passes you must pay a premium to continue... Well designed, still waiting for the super manager upgrade options... and 215k crystals for my next super manager?!?! With 1am basic gold needed before I can earn 30.8k per completed mine?!?! The math is beyond human, I love this game but have an actual life with a job and family. If I get a response to this post within 48 hours I’ll consider continuing my game.

Can't play.

Please fix this I can't play this game loved it but now,not liking it fix pls.If fixed I will give five stars for each time I play.



Awfully bugged

U can abuse the system by changing your time in your phone.


Love this game

Amazing game!

Very fun and addicting game! Recommended to everyone!

It is a good game to play after school and before school.


Great game

This is such a great team I stayed up until 1 o’clock in the morning play this super addictive

Idle Miner Tycoon

I have only been playing this game for an hour and I’m already addicted! This will keep me busy for a long period of time in the future. I usually don’t attach to games like these but this is a keeper!

Great but!

It’s a great game but you really need to add the option to delete friends. If I add a friend then they stop playing, that’s 1 less friend active friend I can have. And I can only have 20 friends Also add the option to set private expeditions. My wife never has time to join mine before it fills up.

Please make it update please

Please make it update please

Great idle game

What can I say? It’s helpful to pass my idle time.

White washed

This game is white washed and only includes white people as the charterers. No representation. Which is ironic because white people have always been in control of natural resources such as mining.


Great time spender, I enjoy the game so far no problems, Yet. But overall good game.

So addicting 😍

The game is so addicting! You get so Much money but you can get cash too so easily the game is amazing I love it 😍you still get money when you don’t play so you can do other stuff while you get money AWESOME 😝😜🤪🤩

Fun but has issues

Ok so don’t get me wrong it’s a good game to pass the time but there are a little bit of problems. So first I can’t tell anymore is when I’m upgrading my shafts if it’s actually doing anything. Secondly it seems like I put too many shafts in because the elevator to get the coal won’t go past the first shaft. Third whenever I get a notification that there’s a new event and 24 hours left to play it I think that I’ll be able to play because there’s still time left.....But no I can’t there’s never an event that I can play even today the autumn event I wanted to play but I can’t. I hope someone can try and fix this but if not I will no longer have Idel Miner on my phone.


This game was boring at first but once I reached 110 on the elevator it started to get fun. Can they at least STOP making everything cost money


Love it

Fun but boring

So I played this game for 2 months and decided to uninstall this game because it’s boring and takes so long to do anything and the production is so slow that it will take like 100 years to fully complete this game

It’s awesome!

I got my game like 3 hours ago and I’m in love in it. It is so fun and addictive


It is a really good game

It is very cool 😎👍👌

I like the animation and it’s fun

Woo hoo

I love it!!!!! My friend has this game so I got it. I recommend you getting it.

Best game

This is a really good game its really good to pass time if your in a car and the graphics are really good for a mobile game.

Hello game makers this is comment that I think you should do for the game

I think you need to make it to where when you have one elevator agreed and you have it max you can Max all of them instead of just one at a time and just a little thing that gets me a little… Irritated I should say but if you can if you read this please take note of it please and thank you from Parker Gage Waggoner


It’s so fun at the same time frustrating



Amazing game! But-

I love the game so much. I haven’t played for long, but it’s something I enjoy when I do play it. I’ve played for maybe a couple of weeks. The game is amazing- though the prestige idea you use here is crap. It’s a good idea to use prestige- but you shouldn’t keep your money. It isn’t taking anything away. It’s just resetting what you had upgraded, but when you upgrade next, it will just give you more money. Same when you buy new mines. It should cost the price of the previous mine to buy the next one, because the new mines are literally just the original mines with a new texture on it so you can call it “Gold Mine” instead of “Coal Mine.” You have a good base, but the game is boring because of this. The only good part about this now is the events. What I’m thinking is having a certain type of currency for each mine, maybe even just things like ‘Coal’ or ‘Gold’ not coins. Maybe coins can go to an overall map price, to buy research points, new mines, etc. Like how on the events you have things like “futurecoins” that are just dedicated to the mine. Because this is getting boring. -sincerely Katie


I got the game two days ago and it was very fun and addicting but now it doesn’t work. I try to open the app and it just closes. I don’t know if it’s a bug or what but fix it, it’s a very fun and addicting game.

😀 yay

now boost are working after the update!😀😀 and no I don’t want to send you a email or you send me one because I don’t feel like it and just don’t send me anything except a response saying:every thing is good and we will stop sending you responses! But great great great great job on the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ONE MORE THING PLEASE STOP SENDING ME STUFF!!!!!!!! I’m not trying to be mean I am sorry but please do not send me stuff after the response I told you to write. I’m sooooory!!!! I just don’t want a email😞😞😞😞😞 I’m sorry I’m being mean!😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞! I’m really sorry but I just don’t want a email. Please don’t send me one.By the way great I mean like great great great great great game! :) :) :) and also one more thing I want you to make the diamond mine cheaper and make the other continents cheaper and make everything in the game cheaper

Cool game

Very fun / you can learn for real life

Super addicting!

A lot of fun so far. Always something to work on. Downfall... kills your battery when you play all the time 😬😬 If you don’t like ads it may not be for you. There are not a ton but there is quite a few bonuses and timer deductions that require you to ad watch.

Great app

Love this game. I have played for a while now, but for the past few days it only crashes and won’t open


It’s fun awesome

Mining hours of fun!

This game is awesome and keeps you playing for hours!!!

Far fetched gaming


Fun but a bit hard

I have never rated or reviewed a game before so this says a lot. I think that this app is great but it needs to be easier.I have been playing this game for about one year and still have not gotten the ice continent.

Like the game but....

So far I like the game, but I wish it could be played in portrait mode on the iPad.


Love it just donlaoded it but it s great

More Levels??

Fantastic game, I have unlocked all of the continents. Would love new maps to play and unlock outside of gems and special event mines.


I just started playing and it is really fun.

Good game

Like playing this game. My only complaint would be that sometimes when watching videos to boost mine the game crashes. It get rather annoying


Somewhat long time player and I almost got to the fire island, however I'm considering stopping. Reason why is that the game crashes so dang often. On average, my game crashes about once every 3-5 min, if I turn off wifi, it lasts a bit longer. Whenever I try to watch a video, the game crashes either at the start or end, some times middle, 9/10 times, not exaggerating. I end up watching a video so many times just for a stupid bonus, I don't even bother reducing wall times anymore because of how much it crashes! I think the issue is wifi related however I play this in different locations, and even where the wifi is best, the game still crashes 3/10 times on a video! There has no be a way around this, either have the videos pre loaded or load them as you click the play button then have it not use wifi anymore. This makes this really fun game almost unplayable for me, esp since the crashing got worse the further I progressed in the game (thinking it has something to do with the huge numbers you reach). Please fix this and I will give it 5 stars.

Best game ever

This game is so fun I could use lay it all day


A very fun and interesting game to play when you really bored and don’t have anything to do.

Best game!

This game is the best! Pls make more! Games like this!!

Addictive Game

Great game, however takes far too long for mines to develop. Why can’t all of the mines develop as efficiently as the mainland mines do.

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