Idle Miner Tycoon App Reviews

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It’s really addictive so uh. Get it!

The best game ever

We need more games like this



The best

Great entertainment. Lovely past time

Getting frustrated

I don’t know what happened but for 2-3 months my husband and I have both been playing this game. Love it!! NOW all of a sudden in the last few days, we go into it and no video available, or if we get one and watch it, we get kicked off and don’t get credit for it. This is a recent occurrence but is getting worse. Please fix it. We have checked our internet reception and it is high so is the WiFi.

I love this game!

This game is awesome I love this app if this is the most fun game I’ve played in a while


It was fun but now it crashes almost every time you play an ad. It is now unplayable.

Idle miner is 👌🏼👌🏼👍🏼👍🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼

I like this game a lot, this is one addictive game. It’s cool that you can prestige all the mines and it’s cool that when you do prestige your mines you make more money faster. I had the game for about a month and out of the month I played it half the time I had it and I’ve upgrading all my mines every chance I get and I noticed it’s getting more harder than what it was and I like that a lot about this game. It’s also one hard saving the boosts that you get... only thing I’m mad about is that I didn’t get the one legendary card yet and I have the other two I’m trying my hardest to get the last one

Crazy bug problem

The game needs an update fast maybe it’s just me but my miners are not making money while I’m offline like i looked at my money closed the game went back in like 1 hour and the money was still the same I’m about 4 seconds to deleting the game but It makes you want to go to the next island/mine! Please fix


An actual fun game that doesn’t road block you into spending money. Nicely done


Amazing game

Please update the game

Your game is good but the age group for this game is not even close enough for the game to play with for little kids it needs to be at least 7 or older but your game was grate just at an explanation for the game and how to play then you will be good 👍🏻

Fun, simple game

I hadn’t expected to enjoy this game as much as I have. It’s a really fun game that’s fast and easy to learn.

Time to play idle miner ty

When I was thinking about a few games I thought hmmm I’ll get idle miner ty and when I played it it was so fun and I play it every day and one day it got to old for me 12 Days later I was missing it.i hope you guys have fun with your idle miner ty. 🙂👷🏻‍♂️💵⛏⛏

Love it

Does not stress you at all.


I love it, but why do all the players have to smile creepily at you??


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Don't hesitate

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Enrich my wonderful life

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Social networks

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Meet people

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Well-made social networking app

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Fast and stable

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Fit my personality

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So many good girls

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Come on

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Very amazing dating app

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Try it now

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Good app

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Super effective

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Very good

When I'm alone, I often use this app to talk to friends in the chat rooms. It helps me relax and become happier. Very good.

So dumb

I can't even play it when I try to load it it take forever and most of the Time it crashes before I can play the game and when it does finally load it crashes when I try to play

Super Addicting!!!!!

Great game


I love this game and was addicted but for some reason I just logged on it yesterday and all my data was erased. I tried logging into Facebook for my account but it just puts my account into the friend’s list. Please help me. Response to editor if you do respond: I tried that 5 times, it wouldn’t do anything. I connected to Facebook again, again just showed me on my friends list, I don’t know why it won’t let me get my account back.

Ads crash the app a lot

I don't mind watching ads to boost my mines, double what I collect, and make wait times on shafts shorter. The issue is that when the ads play, the app will crash in the middle of it or right before it's over and I don't get my bonus. It's still playable and it's a good game. I just don't want it crashing when I try to boost.


Pretty good game


Best app because it takes up time when your board! Try to make the battery life better tho! Thanks for the awesome game

Great app but there seems to be something wrong with mine

So it's super fun, great to play and addictive. But it seems that when i recently updated it, it wouldn't launch. I don't know if it's just me or if something is wrong


I really love this game and I play it every day but there is a problem since the last update. I notice after a few minutes with the ads of where they give you boosts would say no video available. This has never appeared before, before this update that I could play for two or more hours without getting that message. I know my connection is good. I even checked it with other games and other apps that require WiFi. It has been driving me crazy that I can’t go on for more than ten minutes of playing because of this glitch or whatever you did. That is the only reason of why I giving this a one star instead of five like it is suppose to be. For I can’t boost all of my mines in ten minutes like I had been able to do before. I know that it is odd for an review to complain about not having ads or whatever. But it is driving me crazy that I can’t keeping doing my boosts more than a couple of times after a few minutes. Now it is even worse. Of where the no loading videos appear after a couple of ads that it now appears only after one. It is really getting on nerves that I can only do this once. Fix this bug, for I know it is not my connection.

This is ridiculous.

9 out of 10 times I do something requiring watching an add nothing loads. My phone ends up on a blank screen and the only way out is terminating the app and starting it again, hoping I can do something when I get back in. I’ve even tried deleting and reinstalling the app. 1 star until this gets fixed.


🤩leuke game🤩


I will leave in playing for three days and I already have 227 AA Amazing :-)

Fun game

This game is so fun and everyone should play this.


I love this game to the bottom of my heart! I love that you can do whatever you want! The best part is....THERE ISNT A TUTORIAL!!!!!

Best App I’ve Seen in a Looonggg Time

I never write reviews because I think it’s just a waste of time. The fact that I’m writing one.... means that.... This was the best app ever!!!

I like it but there is one problem that I don’t like

It’s ok but some how I got to higher levels and I was offline for a while and some how got to the hundreds and I was on like 35 I don’t even know how this happened

Fun yet simple game

This is a fun game to figure out, play, and try to keep up with. Great job!

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